Every year an estimated 12 million metric tons of plastic waste enters our oceans. Worldwide we use 1.4 billion plastic bottles every single day! In Kenya, we recycle less than 10% of the total plastic waste generated. e.

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Welcome to Eco World Watamu

Welcome to EcoWorld Recycling, where we transform both land and ocean plastic waste into opportunity, forging a sustainable future for communities and the environment through the circular economy model.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to formalise a waste collector sector of women and youth to power the plastics circular economy at the Kenya coast, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits. Creating dynamic plastic waste value chains will uplift the quality of people’s lives and help protect our coastal environment.

Our Goals

At EcoWorld Recycling, we pioneer environmental stewardship and community empowerment by providing sustainable plastic waste management solutions to increase plastic waste recovery rates in the Kenyan coastal region. Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a plastic circular economy by building sustainable partnerships, fostering dialogue, awareness creation, and implementing replicable cutting- edge plastic collection/buy-back systems and recycling initiatives. Through partnerships and collaborations with local community women and youth groups, businesses, NGOs and County Governments, we strive to create a lasting social, economic and environmental impact to the marginalized people in the informal waste sector. We envision a future where plastic waste becomes a valuable resource, driving positive change for people and the planet.


  • Recycle 50 tonnes/month of plastic waste
  • Recover 100 tonnes of ocean plastic and litter
  • Establish 3 new Material Recovery Facilities in Malindi, Kilifi & Mombasa
  • Recruit more than 1,000 plastic waste collectors
  • Empower women and youth to be the driving force of the Plastics Circular Economy
  • 2025:

  • Recycle 100 tonnes/month of plastic waste
  • Recover 200 tonnes of ocean plastic and litter
  • Recruit more than 2,000 plastic waste collectors in Coast Province

  • The Solution.

    In Watamu, we have created a local solution to the global problem of marine plastic litter and plastic waste disposal.

    As a community we decided to take action and created a dynamic partnership between local women and youth groups and the local tourism industry. The Watamu Marine Park hotels sponsor the groups to clean the beaches and all of the plastic and other recyclable waste goes to our EcoWorld Recycling and Up-cycling facility were we “Turn Trash into Cash”. In addition, we take all of the plastic waste from hotels, guest houses and residents for recycling, which reduces the huge volume of waste going to the local landfill.

    Over the past 10 years in Watamu we have “turned the tide on trash” through creating a Circular Economy by employing local people to clean beaches and providing work for plastic recyclers. Local artists also benefit by up-cycling plastic waste to make art work and sculptures which are sold in hotels. The results of this innovative approach is cleaned up beaches, reduced threats to the environment, reduction in plastic waste going to landfill and creation of diverse income streams for people.

    Our aim is to replicate this win-win model along the Kenya coast.

    Recycling and Up-cycling Operations and Future Goals

    By 2024 our target is to recycle more than 50 metric tonnes of plastic per month. Currently, our plastic waste collection covers Kilifi County, and we plan to expand operations to Mombasa City in 2024. To reach these targets, EcoWorld has created an innovative plastic buy-back scheme which financially incentivizes women and youth groups to collect plastic for an income. EcoWorld also provides recyclable waste collection services to hotels, households and housing estates in the County. Plastic waste is machine crushed and sold to plastic recycling industries in Mombasa and Nairobi. EcoWorld is currently experimenting with making a variety of building materials from plastic waste. New technology will help us take plastic out of the waste cycle by producing long lasting construction materials made out of plastic.

    Value and Benefits

    EcoWorld provides various benefits on a number levels including:

  • Coast community groups through employment and income from the Plastics Circular Economy.
  • The environment through a reduction in the impacts of solid waste and pollution threats, and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and the ocean.
  • The health and welfare of our coastal ocean and environment.
  • The tourism industry through providing an environmental service and cleaning beaches.
  • Other communities through support, information sharing and training provision.

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